Maatouk 1960 Coffee Maatouk Way

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    Selected from the best lands in the world

    The production plant is well equipped with the latest technology that adheres to strict quality control standards. The entire production process, from green beans to sealed pack, are fully automated in a closed system that is protected from environmental or physical hazards thus ensuring consistency of the products' content and specifications at all times.

    Once selected from the best lands in the world, the beans are imported via trusted and controlled transportation systems directly to Maatouk Factories' purposely built warehouses, keeping it under high quality assured environmental standards.

    Cup tasting is an integral phase of the quality assurance process. Each production batch undergoes tight tests in the laboratory by highly trained experts to ensure it meets the pre-set high standars of quality, taste and aroma.

    Maatouk 1960 Factory is using a method of packaging in which nitrogen gas is flushed over coffee to displace oxygen in the sealed package. It preserves taste and aroma.

    One-Way Degassing Valves are designed to allow pressure to be leased from an air-tight package while preventing air from getting back into the package. Air, especially the oxygen (02) portion of air, can have negative effects on the package content and its freshness.