Maatouk 1960 Coffee Maatouk Way

  • The Bean, A long Journey


  • Maatouk's true vocation is to accompany consumers on a journey - an exploration of tastes and sensations. Everyone drinks coffee. But Maatouk's mission is to turn the coffee drinker into the coffee lover, to transform consumer into connoisseur.
    From the subtle distinctions in light/dark roast blends, to coffee's nutritional benefits, Maatouk strives to share the true pleasure of coffee with a growing number of fans.

  • The Maatouks are coffee crafters. For 50 years, the brand has selected, created, blended, refined and supplied the finest coffee. Today, Maatouk means so much more.
  • With Maatouk, coffee crafting has never been so diversified.