Five Steps that Makes a Perfect Cup of Coffee

coffee grinding

Here we are going to discuss five essential steps that help you make a wonderful and soothing cup of coffee for sure.

Here we go…

Water to Coffee Ratio
Just like any other food or drink, ingredient is something that needs to be correct. Same is the case with coffee, but here water and the blend are the two most important ingredients which play a key role in making of a soothing cup of coffee. Every person has their own taste of preference, some people like brutally strong, while other want it to be rich with flavor and taste.

Water Temperature
Same like water to coffee ratio, an absolutely perfect water temperature could be discovered by a simple trial or error. We at Maatouk have discovered the most refreshing coffee is served between 195-205 degrees F. We don’t burning your mouth once you take a first sip.

Ground correctly for brewing method
There is always different methodology for different grinds. If the grinding method you prefer is a French Press then you definitely want a coarse grind. But of you like to have espresso then you want to have a perfect grind to feel the taste.

Serve Quickly
No matter how much tasty and tempting coffee you have prepared, it has to be served within 30 minutes of brewing. Otherwise it won’t give you that much taste and affection.

Choose the best
Whenever you are going to make coffee, always make sure that whatever method you select, it should give a delightful taste.
These five steps could be followed in order to make a perfect cup of coffee at anytime.

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