Global Reach


Maatouk, from the day one has practiced upon the principle of expansion and diversification and didn’t believe reaching out its coffee lovers, where ever they are. We have put our successful steps towards reaching out each and every sphere of global world through producing out some of the most unique coffee blends as per as the needs of our target consumers.

Starting our journey from a small coffee chop at Beirut, we headed ourselves expanding towards countries like: Africa, Australia, Bahrain, Canada and then entering into emerging markets like: China, Egypt, Europe, India and Iraq, where people are just big coffee lovers .We put in our best to understand and get familiarized with the taste buds of these segments and then aligned our workforce to deliver the most unexpected flavors of coffee and tea for them. Whether it would be mild taste desire of African people to have a routine cup or would be a stronger Arabian sup, our beautiful coffee blends are always there to let you feel home and relaxed whenever, you are stressed out.

We harnessed our extreme efforts in strengthening out our value chain through keeping strong bonds with our suppliers and online retailers to let our coffee reached as early as possible to you. Besides our coffee shops and retail outlets, we have opened up additional coffee franchises to make our brand easily available to you because we don’t want our customers to get deprived off a good coffee savor.

Currently we are planning to reach more lucrative coffee markets like: Turkey and Russia and smaller countries to get ourselves introduced to all the people around the world through increasing our supply networks and research. We love to be a part of your lives and moments through proving you with a different coffee amalgam.